Who Needs Religion?

Not long ago, quite by chance, I came across some religious sites on the internet. I started reading and I felt like I was hit by a lightning. Suddenly, my eyes began to open. I started to understand why – around me, in my life and the lives of my loved ones, friends – happened things that happened, why people behaved as they did. Yet discourse on 12 degrees of conceit is the best psychology textbook imaginable. It explains many, many human behaviors. I gradually started getting to know and understand the law that rules this world, the Law of God. Yes, I’m over 50 years old, and then I STARTED to understand the world – that’s how I see it now. I thought to myself – I was blind! I lost my life on wandering in the dark!

I was not an atheist. I experienced life in the belief that I am a good Catholic, but only at the age of over 50, when I began to really know God and religion, I discovered how much I went astray all my life, made mistakes, foolishnesses, sins, without being aware of it. By this I drawn on me many misfortunes and did not understand the cause of it, and thus attempts to get out of trouble were ineffective.

Most people, even professing themselves Christians, do not realize the effects of living in accordance with God’s Law. What great reward God has prepared for these people. Generally we do not even imagine what splendid favours we can obtain from Lord and from God’s Mother Mary. Likewise, we do not realize what are the consequences, if we don’t keep this Law. This is not only a reward or punishment in the afterlife, but there are very real, tangible and material consequences in this life, on this world. These consequences are clearly, explicitly formulated in writing and you can find it in the 28th chapter of the Book of Deuteronomy. Ignorance of law is harmful but ignorance of God’s Law is 1000 times more harmful!

I am an experienced man. Many’ve ever seen, experienced, many people, people’s fates have known. Today, when I look at my life experience through the prism of faith, religion and a bit of knowledge about God, I see that nothing in this world happens without a reason. Sometimes we say: “this guy has a bad luck”. Believe me, there is no such thing as bad luck or luck. Most miseries people face, is nothing but the punishment from God or work of evil powers. Yes, you’ll immediately tell me: “I am the architect of my own fate.” You know what? If you want to make God lough, tell Him about your plans. And fiends work all night and day to thwart your efforts.

I often hear from people avoiding church and religious practices: “I am a believer but not practicing.” or “I believe in God, but I don’t need to care any more about it, because I only need to be a good man, and finally God will save me.”. Beloved! How wrong you are! Satan also believes in God, even fears God. If you do not know the God’s Law, you may not know when you do wrong. You say: “Yet I am adult, I know how I should live.”. Or maybe you just think you know? I do not want to play a smart guy and I am not. I write this just because I was going through it myself, and rather I AM going. It also seemed to me that I knew how to live. I was dead wrong.

That is not all. The truth is that you can live with God or with the satan – there is no other option. You cannot be neutral, religiously indifferent. Why do I say so? Well, because if you are not reconciled with God, then you are left unaccompanied of Divine care. God’s Providence doesn’t watch over you. You are then passed only on your own strengths, and in confrontation with the power of satan and other evil spirits, you have no chance. These forces are in fact much more powerful than man, and smart in addition. Satan tempts everyone at every opportunity, so without Divine care you cannot resist temptations and evil forces sooner or later will gain control over you, and may even completely master you, or possess. Without protection in the form of Holy Sacraments you are helpless like a child in the forest at night.

In this text I hardly touched many important issues, which in the future I will try to expand and quote the sources. I assure you, Respectful Reader, that everything I’ve written is not a matter of conjectures, feelings or only faith, not supported by facts. On the contrary – for almost all statements, formulations there are material evidence or relations of participants of events, witnesses, etc.




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